• Innovations in Hormone Replacement Therapy

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    Many people deal with hormonal imbalances every day. Imbalances can be caused by stress, old age, pregnancy, or other factors that might cause people to lose control of their hormones. It can be difficult to get through the day when you are dealing with a...

  • Monitoring Your Hormone Levels in 2016

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    This year it is time to try to make some healthy changes. As women get older and enter the menopausal years, their body’s production of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) significantly decrease, as well as other important female hormones in the body. The...

  • Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution Weight by Factoring in Hormones

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    New year’s resolutions that are specific accomplish one of two things: They target the motive behind what you’re trying to achieve, and (more importantly) allow for a perfectly tailored plan to make resolutions become a reality. To achieve good health is...

  • 5 Easy Tips To Reenergize Your Fabulous Self

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    When your hormones are in fluctuation, fatigue can be a frustrating side effect that leaves you with low energy, feeling sluggish and irritable. Your first instinct may be to make a pot of coffee, so you can chug some caffeine and get a rush. But it’s a...

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Turning “The Biggest Losers” into Winners

May 26 • 535 Views • No Comments

Turning “The Biggest Losers” into Winners by Lisa Avellino Fitness Director, NY Health and Wellness The media is awash with reports about The Biggest...

5 Easy Tips To Reenergize Your Fabulous Self

When your hormones are in fluctuation, fatigue can be a frustrating side effect that leaves you with low energy, feeling sluggish and...

Dec 11 • 2227 Views

hormone balancing

Hormone Balancing – How It Can Change Your Life

Believe it or not, your body’s hormones play a significant role in regulating a variety of important functions, ranging from muscle...

Nov 17 • 4541 Views

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WPIX 11: Lisa Avellino – How to get a slimmer body in just 5 days

Womens Healthy Hormones and Lisa Avellino were featured on PIX 11 News (Local Viewership 108,000; UVPM 315,000), the flagship station of...

Nov 8 • 11488 Views

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How Obesity Affects Pregnancy

May 9 • 23025 Views • No Comments

Between the years 1990 and 2013, the maternal death rate during childbirth decreased 45 percent across the globe according to the World’s Health Organization....

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FOXNews.com – Gestational diabetes on the rise: What every mom should know

Dr. Timothy Morley of Womens Healthy Hormones was recently featured on FOXNews.com. In the article titled,...

Nov 20 • 2901 Views


Mood Swings And More: How Pregnancy Hormones Affect Your Body

Although this certainly is a magical time in your life, the chances are good that, along with the excitement and...

Oct 16 • 10282 Views

Birth Control

The Basics of Low Hormone Birth Control

For many women, birth control is a fact of life. Regardless of their preferred contraception method, women use birth...

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