Estrogen Supplements : The Facts

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Estrogen is one of several hormones that plays a significant role in the development and health of women . Estrogen’s primary roles include the regulation of menstrual cycles as well as the physiological side effects observed during puberty, fertile periods and  menopause. Although estrogen is often associated with reproductive heath, it’s functions stretch well beyond this individual facet of human physicality. Some of estrogen’s lesser know functions include:


* Increasing metabolic rates.

* Supporting lung function.

* Increasing fat stores.


Following menopause, women begin producing significantly less estrogen, which can result in a variety of side effects, some of which can be detrimental to health. Fortunately, women experiencing negative physiological consequences of reduced estrogen production can take estrogen supplements to restore their bodies hormone balance. Here are the facts behind estrogen supplements, information you can use to determine whether hormone therapy is right for you.


How Do Estrogen Supplements Work? 

Estrogen supplements can take a range of forms, including :


* Dietary enhancements.

* Lifestyle changes.

* Herbal remedies.

* Prescription medication.


Depending upon your individual preferences, each of these options can offer significant advantages and disadvantages over its counterparts.


Dietary enhancements provide a natural and fully transparent method for increasing estrogen levels. Vitamin C, complex B vitamins, carotene and whole grain have been linked with estrogen production, and can be found in a wide range of commonly available food items, including:


* Tomatoes   (Vitamin C)

* Oranges   (Vitamin C)

* Spinach   (Carotene)

* Beets   (Carotene)

* Liver  (Complex B Vitamins)

* Beef    (Complex B Vitamins)

*Brown rice (Whole grain)


For many women, simple lifestyle changes can significantly boost estrogen production. Unlike testosterone production in men, women who exercise frequently experience a reduction in estrogen levels. Although this doesn’t mean that women should not exercise, women should maintain a balanced, regular exercise routine, if they choose to pursue one.  Intense exercise, followed by sustained periods of sedentary behavior, can cause estrogen levels to fluctuate dramatically, producing a range of physiological issues.


Smoking is also a primary cause of reduced estrogen levels. Smoking has been linked to a variety of adverse effects within the body’s endocrine system. Women who smoke may experience decreased estrogen production on a long-term basis, and can also suffer from abnormal menstrual cycles, infertility and early menopause.


One of the most common herbal remedies linked to increased estrogen production is found in Chasteberry supplements. Chasteberry is widely available in the majority of herbal health stores. As with the majority of herbal supplements, results may vary. That being said, some studies have linked Chasteberry with increased estrogen and increased fertility. Be careful though, women are advised not to take Chasteberry supplements if they are currently using birth control pills, anti-psychotic medications and a range of other prescription drugs. As always, consulting with your personal doctor can help you gain a clearer picture as to whether this herbal solution might work for you.


Prescription medications are also a viable choice for women who may have experienced frustrating results with alternative methods or simply wish to follow a pharmaceutical treatment plan. As always, the best advice is to seek a professional opinion from your personal doctor. Through an analysis of your current estrogen levels and your body’s physiology, doctors can craft a treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs.


It’s important to remember that estrogen levels should not exceed naturally occurring levels in the body. Abnormal estrogen levels have been linked with a range of life-threatening conditions, including breast cancer. Estrogen supplements are strictly designed to restore the natural balance of estrogen within the body, not to augment these standard levels.

In A Nutshell: Estrogen supplements come in a range of shapes and sizes, all of which can be used to help balance estrogen levels in women of all ages and alleviate unwanted menopause symptoms. From simple lifestyle changes to prescription medications, estrogen supplements can help reduce the unwanted physiological side effects of menopause as well as a variety of adverse conditions resulting from decreased estrogen levels. Seek the advice of your personal physician to learn more about available treatment options.



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