Hormone Balance Optimization Training

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Why Should You Be Interested in Hormone Balance Optimization Training?

Believe it or not, you can get results in as little as 20 minutes!

Here are some of the core principles behind Hormone Balance Optimization Training (HBOT), a revolutionary exercise method designed by Lisa Avellino, a  certified master personal trainer, nutritionist and metabolic obesity expert.  HBOT will help you maximize the hormonal and fat-burning benefits of your workout while minimizing the time requirements and stress on the body from traditional fitness plans:

  1. Keep it short with a high intensity workout. All of the workouts included in HBOT are between 10 – 40 minutes. A minimum of 10 minutes are required due to the fact that it takes  approximately 10 minutes to increase your oxygen volume and V02 max (maximum lung capacity), as well as to “reconnect” with your body’s alignment and chemistry composition. The maximum length of any workout is  40 minutes, due to the fact that the focus is not to reach fatigue or muscle failure, which raises cortisol, increases lactic acid levels  in muscles and depletes blood sugar levels in the body.

  2. Give every workout your best. Focus on high-intensity, maximum effort workouts, pushing yourself to the point where you just can’t squeeze out one more rep. This is a definite must in order to achieve effective fat-burning and hormonal balancing benefits. When you’re pushing yourself hard in the gym (or wherever you exercise), just remember this is the opposite of what you have been told in the past. This is a customized workout to restore your body’s chemical balance and achieve a healthy hormonal state.

  3. Complete your exercises with no downtime  between circuits. This is a departure from traditional or high impact exercise routines and is widely considered to be a more contemporary, progressive training technique. A low-impact march with an alternating strength circuit will help reduce the damaging stress induced by the vertical impact from running. When you land on your joints with excess body weight, even 10 pounds of additional force can result in  30-40 pounds of increased strain. HBOT training will increase the number of calories  burned  per minute by achieving a full-body integration instead of conventional muscle isolation.  By combining walking with a calming yoga ,tai chi, pilates or meditation exercise, you will experience the cumulative affects of physical alignment and efficient fat burning. When the body perceives exercise as stress, it overcompensates by releasing stress hormones inducing a frozen, gridlocked state.  When a balanced alkaline, aligned state is achieved, an exponentially larger, residual caloric burn and metabolic state is gained. Circuit training keeps your heart rate high throughout your workout. When using this method, you can obtain a valuable cardio workout and resistance training routine in  one short session. Circuit training is also the best type of workout for improving insulin response, boosting testosterone and stimulating growth hormone.

  4. Work multiple muscle groups with each strength training session. Although each muscle group is trained only once or twice a week, this approach is designed to increase growth hormone levels and stimulate more muscle groups at once. It also lets you complete more work in less time and ensures your muscles get the proper recuperation time they need between sessions.

  5. Keep cardio sessions short and use intervals. Remember, intervals are a series of shorter periods of intense exercise separated by brief rest or lighter activity. This method of training offers the most fat-burning potential and the greatest health benefits. It increases the intensity of your training too, which once again allows for greater health benefits with less time spent exercising! Even cardiac patients can use interval training to improve their fitness.

  6. Use yoga for its hormone-enhancing effects. In addition to challenging and stretching your muscles, yoga can lower blood cortisol levels, reduce adrenalin and stimulate brain-calming GABA.

  7. Consume the right stuff before and after your workouts for optimized hormonal benefits. Always ingest a blend of protein and carbohydrates about an hour before and within 45 minutes after your resistance-training sessions. Try to limit fat in your post-workout meal. This combination is proven to stimulate more growth hormone release and encourage muscle gains. You can do cardio workouts on an empty stomach (though you don’t have to), but eat your snack of protein and carbs (again, no fat) within 45 minutes of finishing your session. Only drink water during your workouts – no sports drinks allowed!

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