Hormone Balancing – How It Can Change Your Life

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Believe it or not, your body’s hormones play a significant role in regulating a variety of important functions, ranging from muscle growth to sex drive. That being said, it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience  negative  physical and mental hormone imbalance symptoms at some point in their lives.

The human body produces a variety of hormones on an “as-needed” basis, releasing these potent chemicals in response to a variety of internal and external influences. A common example of this process is the release of seratonin during physical exercise. Seratonin helps to promote emotional well-being, regulated sleep patterns and a healthy metabolism. Although this is just one example of the positive physiological effects we can experience as a result of our hormones, a variety of other processes are directly affected by hormones. We’ve provided our “Top 4” reasons why hormone balancing can change your life for the better!


No. 1 – You’ll Feel Happier 

Hormone imbalances have often been linked to depression in both elderly individuals as well as those who experience sustained periods of increased stress. Depression can be caused by a reduction in testosterone and has also been observed to coincide with an increase in cortisol levels. As you can see, if either of these two hormones have strayed from their normal levels, you may be feeling unnaturally moody or sad. Reducing stress through exercise or other lifestyle changes and seeking out testosterone replacement therapies, if necessary, are two of several possible solutions for restoring these particular hormonal imbalances.


No. 2 – You’ll Have More Energy

Exercise has been proven to be one of the most effective natural remedies for balancing hormones and boosting the production of specific hormones that contribute to increased energy levels and a positive emotional outlook. Regular exercise can help boost testosterone, seranotin and dopamine levels, three hormones that will ensure both your body and your mind are feeling great!


No. 3 – You’ll Lose Weight

For women, menopause is a time of significant physiological change. As the body begins producing reduced levels of estrogen, it’s not uncommon for women to experience uncontrolled weight gain as well as other menopause symptoms. That being said, estrogen replacement therapy may help to alleviate this annoying physical symptom of menopause. Women can pursue both pharmaceutical and natural treatment methods for boosting estrogen production in the body.


No. 4 – You’ll Feel More Passionate

Hormone balancing has been proven to increase libido levels in both men and women. During periods of increased stress, it’s not uncommon for individuals of both genders to experience a significantly reduced sex drive. This is due in large part to increased levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone produced in the adrenal cortex. A loss of libido can also be caused by reduced testosterone levels in men and women. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, it’s possible to restore the balance of both cortisol and testosterone, ensuring that libido levels return to normal.


In A Nutshell: Balanced hormones are an essential element of maintaining both physical and emotional health. By paying careful attention to our bodies, we can learn to better understand our hormone imbalance symptoms and adjust our lifestyle accordingly!  As always, we highly recommend speaking to your preferred medical professional before attempting to pursue a hormone balancing remedy. Good luck!






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