Laura M. Tsudome, Aesthetician

Laura Tsudome Headshot

Laura M. Tsudome is a licensed clinical aesthetician who has earned a reputation for performing the industry’s most advanced skin care treatments for over 25 years. A pioneer in the field of aesthetic rejuvenation, Laura began her education in Boston, where she attended the Northeast’s first institute of aesthetic sciences. After studying under some of the world’s most recognized European estheticians, Laura went to London where she studied aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and advanced facial techniques.

Laura’s love of holistic healthcare led her to study acupressure for the face and body. In 2005, she created a spa treatment combining her knowledge of aromatherapy and acupressure that was voted “Best new spa treatment” by After moving to New York City, Laura was one of a small group of estheticians that began to collaborate with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create skin care and clinical treatment protocols for their patients. She then became certified in laser technologies. Laura is an active participant in nationally recognized educational seminars, which help her stay on the cutting edge of clinical aesthetics. She is an active member of the Aesthetic International Association and the National Association of Lasers and Aesthetics.

Laura’s philosophy centers on the idea that a carefully planned course of monthly treatments, combined with high quality skin care products, should be created for the individual on a seasonal basis. This will address changes in the skin due drastic fluctuations in temperature throughout the year, and environmental factors that put stress on the skin and lead to premature aging. Laura offers safe, non-invasive, clinical facial and body treatments that address fine lines and wrinkles, red facial vessels and rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, dilated pores, poor skin texture, poor elasticity, dry skin, acne concerns, unwanted hair, and unwanted fat.

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