Menopausal Symptom Relief Tips: Walking

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Exercise is important at any stage of a woman’s life, but becomes increasingly necessary as women age. The risk of acquiring heart disease and osteoporosis increases, and the hormonal shifts occurring during this period of time can cause fluctuations in body fat levels and weight. A women’s sex drive typically diminishes during menopause, and some women may suffer from more serious side effects, such as depression or severe mood swing, due to imbalances in human hormones. Many women suffer from hot flashes, which typically occurs due to a drop in estrogen levels. These fluctuations can be debilitating. Some individuals may also have trouble sleeping, often occurring as a direct result of hot flashes. Regular exercise has been found to alleviate menopausal symptoms and can also help maintain muscle mass and the effectiveness of the cardiovascular system, reducing body fat in the process.

For women who have already incorporated a regular fitness program into their daily lives, transitioning into menopause should not significantly affect their lifestyle. There are plenty of options available in exercise clothing which allow women to keep cool or maintain body heat. Generally, doctors advise women to listen to their body and not  overwork or go beyond current levels of fitness. With some minor adjustments, active women can remain physically fit as they move through this dynamic period of their lives.

A physical assessment should be made by an experienced professional, allowing a fitness program to be developed based on the woman’s general health. Factors such as high blood pressure, heart health and bone and joint fitness must be considered during this examination. Before women can begin menopausal symptom relief through exercise, they must first be certain that physical activity will not affect them adversely.

Assuming no significant health problems are revealed and your doctor gives their approval,  it’s then time to take a look at some of the exercise options available. Find activities that you enjoy and that, at the same time, offer you positive health benefits. An exercise program does not have to be complex or expensive, only consistent. It can be as simple as taking a daily walk around the block. One of the most popular exercises enjoyed by menopausal women is walking.


This is the simplest, least expensive and most instantly accessible exercise available. It can be undertaken in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a weight-bearing exercise and, as such, helps maintain bone density, a critical physiological factor as women enter the age where osteoporosis becomes a real concern. Walking is possibly the most appropriate exercise for these circumstances. Since it is also an aerobic exercise, walking can aid in weight reduction. Even the cardiovascular system benefits from a brisk, half-hour walk. Be sure to download your favorite fitness songs into your mp3 player and get moving!

In  A Nutshell:

For menopausal women, walking has been proven to provide significant menopausal symptom relief and is also an excellent tool for balancing human hormones. This stress-free, non-intensive exercise can help you fight off  unwanted physical symptoms during this period of change in your life! Physical exercise remains one of the most effective hormone solutions for those who are interested in natural, non-invasive remedies.

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