Menopausal Symptom Relief Tips : Yoga and Aqua Zumba

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Aquatic Exercise or Zumba Aquatics

When thinking about new possibilities for daily exercise routines, many women overlook the benefits of physical activity in water. Whether you swim, water-walk or participate in a water aerobics class, exercising in water offers a myriad of significant advantages. One of the latest trends in fitness is “Zumba in the water,” referred to as Aqua-Zumba. Imagine listening to the addictive, pulsing rhythms of Zumba music while practicing your favorite Latin dance moves. This particular type of exercise is quite unique, in large part due to the fact that water provides an additional resistant force. When you move your muscles through the water, there are dual vertical forces pushing up and down  in the water. Land exercise does not typically offer this very positive benefit. Aquatic exercise is easier for individuals with older joints since there is little or no impact involved in these particular physical movements. Additionally, the water helps keep your body cool and can be particularly soothing for a woman suffering from hot flashes. Aqua-zumba is an excellent tool for menopausal symptom relief.

Working out with hand buoys in the water builds upper body strength and tones muscles. These exercises can be enjoyed with special equipment purchased online or by simply using gallon milk containers. You can work out in a lake, pond, pool or ocean and you will most likely not be alone. Water exercise is gaining popularity on a national level.


An increasing number of menopausal women are discovering how helpful the practice of yoga can be during this period of their lives. Yoga, which combines meditation and stretching exercise, works both the body and the mind. There is also evidence that yoga helps to balance the endocrine system which can help relieve the symptoms of menopause. The stretching involved in yoga helps develop core strength and balance. Additionally, there are many poses that have been found to help reduce the physical symptoms of hot flashes and other unpleasant side effects of menopause. Yoga can also improve posture and breathing, helping to create a  sense of peace and balance. When your sleep is interrupted and you feel moody, a yoga “inner calm” will help you stay grounded mentally and physically. These beneficial feelings will help you get through the day and keep your metabolism going when cortisol levels may not be in your favor.

In A Nutshell:

Both Aquatic Zumba and Yoga offer women fun and healthy methods of exercise that have been proven to offer significant menopausal symptom relief. If these exercises just aren’t for you, don’t worry! We’ll continue to provide more information on healthy exercise programs you can use to look good and feel great!

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