Balance Hormones with Healthy Food

Savory Fare – 5 Delicious Foods That Help Balance Hormones.

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“You Are What You Eat.” 

You’ve definitely heard this one before and, yes, it may seem a bit cliché to begin with such a popular saying. That being said, as research into nutrition and dietary science continues, it becomes increasingly evident that the foods we consume are directly responsible for a number of physiological factors, including to balance hormones.  As the body’s hormones control a number of significant functions, such as metabolism, physical growth, emotional well-being and reproductive health, a solid understanding of your diet’s effects on these powerful chemical messengers can allow you to tweak your own inner workings. Here are 5 simple and delicious foods that can help to balance your body’s hormone levels, increasing your own physical health along the way!


Healthy Food No. 1 : Olive Oil

A staple in Italian and Mediterranean cooking, olive oil is an excellent alternative to cooking oils such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, canola oil and margarine, which contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats. The monounsaturated fats found in olive oil can help reduce the amount of lipoproteins  in the body as well as your body’s overall cholesterol level.


So how does this effect your body’s hormone levels and ability to balance hormones? When eating foods such as red meat, the body experiences an increase in saturated fatty acids, consequently increasing your cholesterol level. Cholesterol can interfere with cells’ ability to function normally, reducing the effectiveness of your body’s chemical messengers, i.e.  hormones. By maintaining a diet which includes healthy fats, your hormones will be more easily distributed throughout your body and will return to a balanced state.


Healthy Food No. 2 : Fish

Incorporating fish into your diet can have excellent health benefits. A distinction must be outlined, however, before rushing off to the local supermarket! The positive health effects are directly related to the quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids found within the particular species. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to significantly improve the health of cell membranes. Damaged membranes can impede the effectiveness of the body’s hormones. Omega-3 fatty acids help to ensure that your body is receiving essential chemical signals from the brain.

If you’re ready to begin cooking, be on the lookout for these particular fish, all of which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids:

1.) Salmon (excellent as a standalone dish)

2.) Sardines (perfect for salads)

3.) Anchovies (a classic addition to pizza)


Healthy Food No.3 : Almonds

Although small in stature, almonds have massive health benefits and have been proven to reduce cholesterol in adults. Studies have shown that almonds help to increase levels of the adiponectin hormone, a powerful tool for regulating blood sugar. One of the most well-known repercussions of high blood sugar is diabetes, a disease which affects millions of individuals each year.

As both a snack and main course ingredient, almonds are a simple, hassle-free hormone balancing tool. Perfect on salads, desserts and as a crunchy topping, almonds are a must-have item!


Healthy Food No.4 : Avocados

Widely regarded as one of several acclaimed “super fruit,” the avocado contains a number of health benefits and can function well as both a casual snack or single ingredient. Thanks to a high fiber and potassium content, the avocado can greatly improve heart health and circulation. This, in turn, provides for increased dispersion of hormone chemicals throughout the body. Avocados are also recognized for their augmented glutathione levels, a powerful antioxidant!


Healthy Food No.5 : Spinach

Although it’s so common that we often disregard it as nothing more than a leafy addition to salads, spinach is an excellent source of phytoecdysteroids, which have been clinically proven to increase the body’s metabolic rates for glucose and reduce levels of the insulin hormone, helping to maintain a balanced physiology. Thanks to its relative abundance and affordability, spinach is an excellent “go-to” food for individuals looking to counteract sugary meals, such as the type encountered during holiday seasons.

As can be seen from the examples above, a healthy diet comes hand in hand with balanced hormone levels. By maintaining a responsible dietary regimen, you can ensure that your hormone levels  remain in check, boosting your energy and happiness in the process!


In A Nutshell:

A proper diet and responsible eating habits can do wonders for your body’s hormone levels. Since our hormones control a variety of physiological factors, including our metabolism, emotional well-being and even reproductive health, it’s absolutely essential to ensure we’re paying attention to what we eat! Foods such as olive oil, spinach, avocados, almonds and fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, like Salmon and Anchovies, are powerful and delicious options for individuals looking to balance their body’s hormone levels.

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