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Stress Management

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Stress is a basic part of life. No matter what your situation is, you are likely to experience some kind of stress. This is why stress management is so useful and necessary. Knowing how to deal with stress helps you avoid long-term health problems caused by chronic stress. Here is a basic guide for beginners on stress management.


 A Basic Overview of Stress

Stress is the response you have when some event or circumstance forces you to adjust to maintain a kind of  balance, which could be external or internal. The things that cause you stress are called stressors, and they  are more likely to be psychological than physical these days. The stress response is more well-known as the  fight-or-flight response, and it causes a boost of adrenaline in your blood stream giving you more energy.  Unfortunately, this burst of energy often makes it hard for you to think clearly.

 Fast Stress Relief Strategies

There are several techniques to deal with stress quickly. Breathing exercises work well at calming down fast,  and they are easy to use at any time. Breathing slowly and counting backward from 10 while imagining a serene landscape is one example. Mini-meditation also works well. Even five minutes of meditation has a significant impact on lowering stress levels. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is another technique to learn. PMR is used to relax all the muscles in your body quickly to relieve any tension that is causing you stress. Other techniques include aromatherapy, having a good laugh or exercising, like doing push-ups or walking up and down a flight of stairs.

Situations That Call for a Physician

Having stress is normal, but there are times when you should consult a doctor. If you have dizziness, a racing heart and rapid breathing, you may be suffering from anxiety that accelerates your cardiovascular system. This condition is serious because it can cause damage to your heart. If you have anxiety that is disruptive to your work, see a doctor. You are at risk of becoming overwhelmed, and the stress may become psychologically debilitating. Other causes for concern are suicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself and severe gastrointestinal pain. Remember that stress can exacerbate underlying health conditions.

This is a basic guide to stress management for beginners. For long-term stress management, adopt stress relieving habits or hobbies that you enjoy. This makes you more resilient and proactive when it comes to managing your stress.

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