Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Balancing Hormones

Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Balancing Hormones

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When a person eats too much extra sugar it is related to weight gain and other symptoms. The hormone insulin does not work right in the body and this causes heath problems. Insulin moves sugar into the bloodstream so the cells get energy. When insulin does not work properly, it is called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance comes from eating too much sugar like candy bars, soda, and breads. The body does not regulate the blood sugar because his body had too much of it. Your body becomes resistant to insulin and this often causes mood swings, obesity, diabetes, and even high blood pressure. Between 80 and 100 million Americans suffer from insulin resistance with different results. Many have fat around the stomach or waist.

The best way to determine the problem is to take an insulin resistance test. It measures blood sugar and insulin after fasting. The patient drinks a sugar drink after fasting then results are analyzed by the lab. Many doctors don’t measure insulin but just sugar. Insulin resistance is the result of eating too much sugar. Eating too much sugar leads to many different health problems.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates many different processes in the body. It is responsible for fat storage and insulin works on the brain to increase your appetite. It makes your blood thicker and more likely to clot leading to heart attacks. Too much sugar is even known to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. It increases inflammation in the body and ages your brain.

It is easy to reverse this process of insulin resistance and learn to balance blood sugar in the body by making some changes in the diet, exercise, and finding ways to cope with stress. One of the best way to make changes is to stop eating flour, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. Stop drinking soda and juices filled with sugar.

Eat lean meat, fish and chicken, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats to offset the sugar in the diet. Eat smaller more frequent meals and exercise regularly this helps the body body burn sugar more efficiciently. Reducing stress helps the body improve blood sugar levels. Balancing sugar leads to using insulin better resulting in better health all around.

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