6 Tips to Restore Vitality to Your Hair and Nails

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Hormonal changes can do a real number on how you feel inside and out – with symptoms such as brittle nails and thinning hair, it’s hard to still feel like yourself. The fluctuating estrogen levels can result in your body having lower levels of water, meaning you are more easily dehydrated and your hair and nails become dry and brittle.

Many women associate brittle hair and nails as a loss of their femininity, but you don’t have to feel that way! There are ways for you to restore your hair and nails and bring back their strength and shine:

  1. Make sure you have gotten your thyroid checked. These symptoms, while possibly due to menopause, can also be attributed to hypothyroidism. You’ll want to make sure you’re treating the right condition!
  2. Reduce your stress! Stress and anxiety can lower your estrogen and thyroid hormone levels, which, in turn, affect your hair and nails. Take the time to find a relaxing hobby to help you unwind and you’ll start to look and feel better.
  3. Eat foods with biotin. Biotin is in the B vitamin family, which we often don’t have enough of in our system. Cauliflower, peanuts and legumes all contain biotin, which has been proven to help thicken and strengthen your nails and hair.
  4. Drink more water! If the problem is lower water levels, the obvious solution is to stay hydrated. We often forget to drink as much water as we should during the day, so making sure that you do will help you feel more refreshed and make you glow.
  5. Make sure you have a balanced diet. A diet that includes Vitamin B6, folic acid and fatty acids will help keep your hair healthy and strong! Calcium and protein will also help to restore strength to your hair and nails.
  6. Ditch the chemicals. Blow drying, straightening and dyeing your hair can dry it out and lead to breakage. Make sure to opt for nourishing hair products and consider deep conditioning your hair to give it more moisture.

You don’t have to live your menopausal years not feeling or looking your best – there are ways to reclaim your youth and feel beautiful once more! For more tips on how to balance your hormones, check out our other posts on www.hormoneeducation.com.




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