Why Your Weight Loss Programs and Supplements Aren’t Working

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Trying to lose weight seems to get increasingly frustrating the older we get. When you were younger, it used to be that you would just exercise a little more, cut out the fried and fatty foods and the pounds would melt away! So why doesn’t that work now?

As you approach and enter menopause, weight loss is a three-legged stool now – your hormones need to be considered as part of the equation! With the standard American diet, you don’t always get all the nutrients you need. Those nutrients are essential to bring your hormones into balance and make sure they’re working properly.

Yes, in order to lose weight, you have to adjust your diet and exercise routine, but you have to bring your hormones into balance as well. Your body’s changing and you need to adjust your weight loss plan to recognize that! If you don’t have hormonal balance as a component of your weight loss plan at this point in your life, it’s going to be very hard to lose weight – in fact, I’m willing to bet this is why you’re having so much trouble now!

The weight loss supplements you may have tried often contain caffeine or guarana to help speed up your metabolism, but this can lead to restlessness and anxiety. Other supplements keep your body from absorbing fat, which can cause side effects like diarrhea and anal leakage that are just not worth it! On top of that, the added risks of heart attacks or strokes outweigh the potential benefits of these supplements.

Forget those weight loss supplements. They’re focusing on altering the rest of your body, when they should be trying to support your hormones. So what are you supposed to do instead?

Go the natural route. Eating food with flax seeds, food that is low-fat and low-carbs, and food that has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids will help with hormonal imbalances. Research has even found that postmenopausal women were three times more likely to lose weight when they ate more fruits, veggies and whole grains! Read more about foods that can help you balance your hormones here. With these foods, plenty of sleep and routine moderate exercise, such as yoga, you can manage to naturally balance your hormones without putting yourself in danger.

You see, once your hormones are properly balanced, everything else starts to come together. The excess pounds fall off, you feel happier and calmer, and you’ll feel energized in a whole new way.

Contrary to what you may believe, weight loss during and after menopause is possible – if you don’t neglect your hormones. Don’t lose hope just yet.



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